by Jax on October 8, 2012

I love food. Not all food, but there is a lot of food that I love.

A table full of tapas I don’t eat much meat, simply because I don’t really like it – especially when it’s poor quality, which unfortunately it all too often is – but to claim to be a vegetarian would be a bit of a stretch, as any of my friends who have seen me within sniffing distance of a hog roast would testify.

I love fish and seafood, pasta, cheese, salads (often with cheese), roast vegetables, pies, curries, noodles, risotto (with more cheese,) mushrooms, tapas, pintxos … and did I mention cheese?

The geek loves to eat meat: bacon, sausage, chorizo, Parma ham, cooked ham, (did I miss any pork products? – oh yes, pork pie!), Roast Beef, Chicken any which way, mince, burgers….

Are you getting the picture yet? Our culinary tastes are as alike as chalk and the aforementioned cheese. There is not much overlap in our eating venn diagram…

…which means either cooking two separate meals or getting inventive. Separate meals on a boat? Even with ‘the best marine cooker in the world’* I’m all for trying to get around that. Tips, recipes and stories to come.

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