Schaefer Lead Blocks

by Adrian on September 26, 2012

These blocks are some of the best upgrades I’ve come across for any furling sail system.


The blocks fit over (or under and up) a stanchion and provide a fantastic lead for a furling line.

Not only do they route the furling line outboard, but the inner roller bearing sheave is really high quality and significantly reduces line friction as it routes along the deck.



They are expensive (about £40/€45/$49 each) so I’ve upgraded a couple at a time, but they really help when furling the genoa or staysail. I can now easily furl our genoa by hand without winching by just pulling with just one turn around a winch.

They are produced by a US company called Scheafer and distributed in the UK by Force 4.

Manufacturers information

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Rob Dobson Robert. September 26, 2012 at 22:34

Used these Schaefer lead blocks about 15 years ago . Best on the market still . Check out their removable cleats for race boats brilliant !


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