Brighton and Cherbourg

by Adrian on August 23, 2012

After our North Sea exploits we headed to Brighton to catch up on some sleep, get a few jobs done and resupply

It’s amazing how well stocked and reasonably priced food is in UK supermarkets compared to Europe. Even Waitrose seemed cheap! In Asda we spent £100 on a seemingly huge amount of shopping that would literally have been twice as expensive in Scandinavia.

The weather has been full on South Westerly for the past few days with more due later in the week. Since theres been no chance of sailing (easily) to Cherbourg we’re taking the opportunity today to nip across in a lull.

When there, we’re meeting the Allures factory people to sort out a few minor repairs and faults we have gathered since we left in April.

We’re then being met by a journalist and photographer from Yachting Monthly so they can write a boat review. They’re spending a day with us in and around Cherbourg with a rib taking photos of us sailing, then crossing back to the UK with us on a passage.

Whilst in Cherbourg, we visited the ‘Cité de la mer‘, an attraction including a decommissioned nuclear submarine, which you can explore and walk around. It was huge and pretty fearsome, with its 12 huge nuclear missile launch tubes. There was also a very impressive aquarium and marine centre and a huge Titanic exhibition.

  • Submarine Redoubtable

    Submarine Redoubtable

  • Submarine Redoubtable

    Submarine Redoubtable

  • Redoubtable\'s 16 nuclear warhead launch tubes

    Redoubtable\'s 16 nuclear warhead launch tubes

  • Redoubtable\'s torpedos

    Redoubtable\'s torpedos

  • Redoubtable\'s turbine room

    Redoubtable\'s turbine room

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