EyeFi SD cards

by Adrian on August 13, 2012

SD memory cards are used in 90% of digital cameras and come in a range of sizes and prices.

The EyeFi cards however do more than just store your images – they allow you to publish and backup your images to the web without having ever to go near a computer.

They’re the same physical size and work exactly the same as a normal SD memory card, but have a tiny wifi card and server built in (amazingly).

Just put a card in your camera and use it normally. You’ll notice nothing different except that whenever the camera is turned on the card automatically detects available wifi networks and silently uploads all your new photos automatically to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr etc. without the need to take it out or plug your camera into your computer.

If no known or free wifi networks are found, the card will create its own hotspot for a few minutes, which allows you to connect to it and transfer the card’s images to your iPhone, iPad (or other smartphone) for viewing and selective publishing yourself.

When you get home and within range of your home wifi, it will also upload all images to your computer so they’re waiting for you when you sit down.

You’ll need a computer to initially set the card up and configure your Facebook, Picasa account details etc, but once done, you don’t need to return to the computer again. (Although you probably will to copy the photos from the card onto your hard drive for additional processing and storage).

GoPro with EyeFi card

Simple to use and 100% compatible with your existing digital camera.

Allows you to publish photos taken with your decent camera when travelling or out for the day.

Works with Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Ftp and loads of other services.

Automatic transfer of photos to your computer via wifi without having to take the card out or plug the camera in.

Works in the background so once set up theres nothing to do

The prices have now come down to what you would have paid for a standard memory card a year ago – a no brainer.


When in wifi mode, the card will use a bit of extra power from your camera’s battery. The wifi is not on all the time however, and has configurable settings to allow you to set how long it should look for wifi networks or show itself to others.

There are lots of different models, which is a bit unnecessary and confusing. Look at my recommendations below for the best one to get.


Remarkably simple and a great way of publishing photos to Facebook, web photo system or your blogs when travelling without the computer. Allows you to instantly upload photos taken from your proper digital camera via your phone.

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