Top 10 things to do/see in St Petersburg

by Jax on July 4, 2012

  • Preposterous posing: Girls everywhere adopting starlet poses for photographs (this isn’t just one for the boys – it’s amusing for everyone).
  • Girls walking in vertiginous heels – yes, actually walking. Proper distances, not just kerb to cab. Mind blowing. They must have feet of rhinocerous hide to be able to do that.
  • Small dogs. Often with ridiculous hair cuts. Sometimes wearing blingy little dog clothes. Usually being carried (see girls in heels above) – sometimes by the weightlifter boyfriend.
  • Brides having their photographs taken in the street. Girls posing again, but this time more justifiable.
    St Petersburg Bride in the Street
  • Ladas.
  • Eat Blinys. With smoked salmon. Yum.
  • Drink Kvas
  • Buy fuel – one for the boaties – at about 75p a litre (and we filled up in Finland – £1.76 a litre – why?)
  • Make an old woman smile. It’s a challenge. They are employed by museums/train stations/other public services to be as unsmiling, unfriendly and unhelpful as possible, to enforce rules by instilling the fear of God (or Putin) in you.
  • Revisit the 80s: music, fashion, (values!). The 80s didn’t die, they just went to Russia.
  • Stay up all night in summer. It doesn’t ever get dark and there will be so much loud music and partying going on that you won’t be able to sleep anyway. Don’t fight it.

I never was very good at counting, I know that’s 11 things and it still doesn’t leave any room for The Hermitage, Summer Gardens, Church of the Spilled Blood, Peterhof etc. etc. but they’ve been around for ages anyway…

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