Sailing in the Baltic – lessons

by Jax on July 23, 2012

Things we have learned so far:

  • A Bimini is of more use as a rain shade than a sun shade
    Finnish Summer Sailing II
  • If you are short-handed and/or have a high freeboard a mooring pick up aid is indispensable.
  • A night sail isn’t really a night sail when it never gets properly dark.
  • It never gets properly warm either.
  • Midsummer isn’t the middle of summer, it’s the start.
  • It won’t necessarily be ‘summer’ even after the official start of summer.
  • It can be windy and foggy simultaneously. Often.
  • The interpretation of the rules of the road as according to motor vessels: pass as close as possible to all sailboats at speed, preferably changing to direction to port at the last minute to pass them to starboard.
  • You don’t need to give rocks a wide berth. If you’re not actually touching a rock it’s ok.
  • If you can sail really close to rocks, preferably in a narrow channel whilst simultaneously avoiding other vessels then you are truly sailing Baltic style.
    Navigation through Finnish archipelagos
  • Just because there are no rocks marked on the chart or you are supposedly in a safe depth doesn’t mean you are in the clear!
  • If you should hesitate to display your motoring cone while motor sailing, helpful fellow yachtsmen will remind you to deploy it.
  • Marinas generally have very good facilities but you will have to put up with naked men hanging around outside the sauna.

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