1000 Flushes

by Adrian on July 24, 2012

Here’s a strange milestone – our Raritan Electroscan waste treatment system has just clocked up 1000 cycles.

That means 1000 poos and pees that have not polluted marinas or anchorages. We haven’t used our holding tank yet, which has kept the heads fresh and smell free.

Working it out, we’ve had it installed for just under 6 months, which means an average of 5.5 uses per day. For half this time we’ve had 4 crew on board, otherwise it has just been the two of us.

The Electroscan consists of an electronic control box, a remote display panel, a Start switch and the self contained holding tank/treatment system.

The treatment tank is approximately 40cm long, 25cm wide and 34cm high. It is made of tough plastic and contains the macerator motor and the electrodes that create the sodium hypochlorite (bleach) from salty sea water to zap the waste.

Very simply, waste from the heads exits to sea via the treatment tank when you flush instead of going straight out. The sealed twin compartment design means that as black waste enters the first treatment compartment it displaces treated waste into the second compartment, before leading out to sea via your normal outlet pipe and seacock.

Usage is straightforward – After the usual pump and flush process, you just press the Start button on the control panel and the motors and system whirr away for a couple of minutes macerating and treating the waste. There is nothing else to do, as the pumping automatically displaces previously treated waste out to sea.

Fitting it was simple but a bit fiddly with a fair bit of underfloor pipe pulling. It involved fitting an additional diverter valve in the holding tank hose, running a new hose down to the Electroscan waste input and then another back to connect into the waste outlet hose via a Y adapter.

The electronic control box needs decent 40amp cables to the house batteries and a small control cable run through to the heads for the Start button and indicator display.

The system uses about 20 amps for each 2 minute treatment cycle. It is quiet, odourless and simple to operate.

We decided to install it to allow us to use the heads normally when in marinas for long periods of time without having to worry about emptying the holding tank. We don’t use it when at sea, but do for number two’s in anchorages out of respect for the environment.

Whilst in the Baltic, we have had to add additional salt to the system each flush to allow it to extract enough chlorine to work.  When processing, a red LED lights up indicating low salt. This can be added by pouring a few tablespoons of salt straight into the bowl before flushing, or to make this easier we installed an optional extra tank containing 7 litres of concentrated salt solution which is automatically added into the incoming seawater as you flush.

We topped this up every 4 or 5 days with water and a 1kg box of the cheapest salt we could find (usually about €1 per box).

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Eric Dodge October 15, 2014 at 22:29

Were you able to locate your Electrosan hydraulically below the toilet discharge, as the instructions indicate? Raritan tells me I can raise the electrosan above that level, if I build in a vented loop between the two, as shown in your diagram.

Is that the way your system is? (loop between the two devices?) Any problem with remnants of last flush living upstream of the vented loop? In my case, I’d put it as close as possible to the toilet, and wouldn’t take it too high (maybe a foot) because…

…I would also have to put another vented loop AFTER the electrosan, because everything I’m doing is below my water line. So I guess I also wonder if the little pump in my Sea Era toilet is going to be strong enough to pump through two vented loops? Loop 1

Any thoughts? Thanks
Eric Dodge
Queen Bee
Pearson Countess 44


Veronica May 13, 2014 at 15:15

Hi Adrian/Jax
Hope that you guys are well?? Just a question on the Electroscan toilet: the red LED started flashing during a cycle and did not stop flashing. After reading the manual I have concluded that it probably needs cleaning. Have you cleaned yours by flushing through the Raritan C.H. Clean Hoses acid/water solution? I’m battling to find the stuff in the UK. Super Marine don’t stock it and I can only find US websites so far?


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