External VHF speaker

by Adrian on July 21, 2012

Do you have a cockpit speaker so you can maintain a listening watch on channel 16 whilst on deck?

Do you sail at night?

If so, then presumably you have to turn the VHFs volume up to hear it from the cockpit, whilst the person down below trying to sleep is disturbed by the sound of the VHF chatter, or mediterranean Tourette’s night?
(mariooooo, philipinoo monnkeeyy).

We were faced with this problem, so searched around and found a neat
external VHF loudspeaker with its own built in amplifier, so you can have the volume low down below but loud enough to be heard on deck.

A great solution, but not commonly available. The Standard Horizon MLS-310 speaker in question was removed from european distributors so I had to originally source a white one from the States.


It was well worth it though. This neat, slimline speaker connects to the VHFs external speaker socket and a 12v supply and has a rotary volume and power knob on the front. It is available in black or white and can be panel mounted or free standing on its own bracket.

In use the sound quality is excellent, and the separate volume allows it to be turned up or down when you like – so you’re not disturbed when coming into a tricky marina berth.
Standard Horizon MLS-310
To get one, try Mailspeed marine or Force4. If you don’t have any luck, get in touch with me, as I have a spare – as I knew they were hard to find.

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