Karlslund to Karlskrona

by Adrian on July 18, 2012

We’ve just arrived in Karlskrona, on the south coast of Sweden.

We travelled all the way from the northern archipelagos 256 miles south. We decided to do it all in one go because of the impending weather – this being the only time we could easily make any distance south for the next week or so.

It was quite a long trip with variable 10-20 knt winds allowing us to sail sometimes and motor others. Not too nice but no bad stomachs this time!

We had a cracking sail in middle of night whilst entering the sound between the mainland and Öland. A sweet 15 knts apparent wind allowing us to sail close hauled at 7.5-8 knots with little effort.

This boat really does sail well when in the groove and once the sails are balanced (which we are now learning to do). She heels quite a lot and carves through the water but is very comfortable with a very light helm with very little input required.

On my overnight stretch I was sitting braced in the cockpit enjoying the ride as the computers (auto helm) kept us sailing beautifully. It was one of those treasured sailing nights – smooth sea, good wind, balanced boat – holding on and enjoying the ride as the boat screams through the water devouring the miles in the darkness.

J writes: my watch was a little less relaxing as it was mostly spent trying to identify mysterious red lights that didn’t seem to appear on the chart! and Adrian seemed to have used up all of the decent wind on his stretch – it’s interesting how two memories of the same night can differ so much!

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