Pizza night

by Adrian on July 12, 2012

These Finnish cottages are very well designed. They are built around a large central bricked area housing two or more chimneys and ovens on each side. Hanna’s sister’s house is exceptional in that it has a fantastic wood burning bread (or pizza) oven.

It took 3 or 4 hours and 15 or more large logs to get enough embers and heat to get it going, but it was a perfect
oven and perfectly cooked Thumas’s excellent home made thin crust pizzas.

Pizza oven

Cooking was a group effort and a fantastic sociable experience.

IMG 4483

The result, yummy home made pizzas with freshly picked Chanterelles and other fresh ingredients.

I love that Adrian has made it look as though I did a lot of the work – I basically did nothing more than what you see here. Thumas was chef with Nina and Hanna helping out. J.


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