Hanko to Karlslund Sweden

by Adrian on July 16, 2012

A long and uncomfortable night sail took us away from Finland back to the Swedish archipelago. We had hoped for slightly more south in the wind, but instead had 12 knots on the nose for most of the journey. This was not quite sufficient to sail through the short choppy sea, so we motor-sailed most of the distance.

Adrian felt rough, but we’re not sure whether it was something he ate (possibly a dodgy Chanterelle) or a touch of ‘mal de mer’ (or the out of date cold cuts you insisted were fine, which I didn’t eat and I wasn’t ill? -J)- either way it was an unpleasant journey with little decent sleep and and one which we’ll do our best not to repeat in the near future. The problem is, our entire route back is against the prevailing winds, so fat chance of that!

We passed by Dalarö, where we had stayed on the way up through Sweden for our excursion to Stockholm, and moored up at Karlslund marina, 5 miles south. We stayed 2 nights and caught up with domestics – work, cleaning, washing and a few boat jobs – and met a lovely couple Mac and Christina. We haven’t met so many fellow sailors on this trip, maybe because of the pace we’ve been travelling at, or maybe because there were 4 of us for most of the journey.

Mac and Christina

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Andre February 29, 2016 at 05:57

We’ve owned our beach home, The Beacon, for a dozen years now. It’s a century old this year. An amaznig milestone for a house facing directly onto the ocean, with all the ravaging weather. Those waves have lulled me to sleep many a time. And also woken me up, more than a few.


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