Starting the trip back

by Adrian on July 13, 2012

After everyone left, Hanna showed us where to pick Chanterelles and took us to visit her brother’s house on a neighbouring island where his family were spending their summer, and where we were treated to coffee and cake.

A huge thank you to all of our very generous hosts. We feel very privileged to have spent time on your island and had a truly Finnish experience.

Chanterel picking near the house

Hanna and Jax on the way to visit relations at a nearby island

We returned and then shortly waved goodbye to Hanna and our lovely anchorage that we’d made our home for 4 days.

We headed 20 miles south to the north side of Hanko to recharge (literally – the batteries) and get ready to start the journey to Copenhagen.  We discovered the most delightful berth for the night at Hangonkylan Harbour. It’s a private marina, but they do have visitor’s berths on the most southerly pontoon. There is nothing wrong with the marinas on the south side of Hanko (apart from the wind blowing quite strongly from the south when we were there), but this place is quite special, beautifully sheltered and much less busy than the main marinas. The family run business comprises a fish smokery, fish shop, café and restaurant  ‘Pa Kroken’ which means ‘On the Hook’. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to patronise the restaurant (it’s a lovely little restaurant) as it was already well into the evening when we arrived, but I did buy a delicious piece of salmon.

The facilities, which at first appeared to be little better than a public bathroom in a car park comprised the hottest most powerful shower I have had in a  long while – thank you! The only downside was it appeared that the only water accessible was on the fuel pontoon.

There are also some fantastic trails in the woods to the north where we went for a long run and from where you can access a couple of nice looking beaches, one with an interesting diving platform.

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