by Adrian on July 10, 2012

Our last few days in Finland have been spent in traditional Finnish style at a lovely cabin on a remote island. We met back up with the family at an island 10 miles from the mainland which belongs to some Finnish friends of theirs – Thumas and Nina, and Thumas’ Mum Hanna.

The island had 3 large log cabins and is accessed only by boat (or by skis in the winter).

Cottages in the woods

We sailed there and spent the week at anchor in a beautiful secluded sheltered bay next to the house.


There was lots of fishing, and barbecuing, saunas and swimming in the Baltic. No, of course we didn’t actually swim in the Baltic – it’s 16C in there, what do you think we are?! Other people did though…

Fun and games on the waterfront


Feeling bored and lacking exercise, Sullivan swam to the island in the distance and back.

IMG 4491

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