From Russia with… fuel…

by Adrian on July 4, 2012

We’ve just set off from St Petersburg to start our trip west back to Helsinki. The weather has been great for the 5 days we’ve been here and we’ve all been able to do all the sightseeing one could wish for.

Today is sunny and calm, which gives us a bit of a break from the prevailing westerlies so we can head back to Helsinki relatively easily.

We’ll be motoring for a good part of the 170nm trip, so will use a bit of fuel. It’s a shame it’s not the other way round, as fuel in Russia is dirt cheap, at 70p per litre compared to the €1.70 we paid in Finland.

Since our boat tanks were almost full, we took the tender over to the fuel pontoon yesterday and filled all our reserve tanks – €50 for 70 litres!

Leaving Russia



Russian subs in the naval base on the way out

Russian Submarines

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