Preposterous Posing in St Petersburg

by Adrian on July 1, 2012

We’ve noticed a tendency for all Russian girls (in particular) to blatantly pose whenever a camera is pointed at them. The poses are very unlike dour British affectations – more model (or porn star) like…

We just found it very funny – obviously a skill learnt from a very young age…

  • posing-9

    Pose number 234 - Slight forward leg bend

  • posing-8

    Up the nose pose...

  • posing-7

    Classy hand on hip pose…

  • posing-6

    White lace pose in front of the Hermitage

  • posing-5

    Black heeled pose by the Neva

  • posing-4

    Cute knee clench pose in the Summer gardens

  • posing-3

    Hand model pose outside the Hermitage museum

  • posing-2

    Hand over head pose in the main square

  • posing-19

    Church of the spilt blood and canal pose - unconvincing!

  • posing-18

    Classic over the shoulder pose in front of Church - are you taking this seriously?)

  • posing-17

    Big gun pose

  • posing-16

    Extreme gravity defying leg pose

  • posing-15

    Sometimes it doesnt matter how much you practice

  • posing-14

    Checking the feet positioning prior to pose

  • posing-13

    Balerina pose number 16

  • posing-12

    Peter the Great lap dancing pose...

  • posing-10

    Smell the flowers pose

  • posing-11

    Simultaneous lace butt cheek pose and photo taking

  • posing-1

    Classic short skirt crowd puller pose

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Vicky Bennett July 5, 2012 at 13:45

I’m sure I’ve seen some of these girls before :-/ But where is the picture of Sandra?!


Tony July 1, 2012 at 17:05

We’re surprised you didn’t get arrested / beaten by large minder for your hobby snaps! ;) I hope Adrian wasnt wearing his flasher mac!!


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