by Jax on June 23, 2012

Mosquitos were everywhere in the countryside – so extreme measures were called for…

Still able to drink though

Still able to drink though…

Always a target for mosquitoes I will happily try anything to keep them at bay. Once on a trip to India I used a DEET repellent so strong that it melted the plastic ring I was wearing. It seemed to work, but I’m not sure at what cost to my skin.

I like Mosquito Milk, which is available from some independent pharmacists and online at Chemist Direct. It comes in a roll on, like a deodorant and you don’t need total coverage so it is very easy to apply. And it doesn’t even smell bad.

This summer on the recommendation of a friend I tried these ‘Don’t Bite Me patches‘ available from Amazon. The science bit: the Vitamin B1 in the patches metabolises in the body to reduce human odours attractive to insects. According to the directions all you need to do is stick the patch on two hours prior to going outside.

Despite the recommendation, I wasn’t convinced, but as I said I’m willing to try (almost) anything, so I stuck a patch on and went out, and I didn’t get bitten. Later, after a visit to the sauna I stepped outside to get some fresh air and was bitten to bits in 5 minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, they don’t work if you get very sweaty (I also tried whilst running and it didn’t work either), but the good news is when I stuck a fresh patch on it started working again.


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