Windy winding downwind

by Adrian on June 14, 2012

Very unique and special sailing today.

We’ve been winding through hundreds of small islands in the Stockholm archipelago (skarsgard) on our way north out of the country.

The wind was from the south so we had sone fantastic downwind sailing with the sails goosewinged either side.

This boat is amazing on this point of sail and holds the course very easily. Perhaps it is helped by the way we can completely raise the keel when downwind. This reduces drag which not only increases speed, but also lets the boat slide across the water easier without the keel digging in and slewing the boat to the side in the waves.

Our course took us through and past numerous rocks and islands, which sometimes required a steady nerve as we sailed literally meters away from islands with rocks on either side.

Goosewing through the islands


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