A calm day off

by Adrian on June 11, 2012

We awoke to lovely sunshine and the first bit of real warmth for a long while.

Stockholm lies 100 miles north, so we have decided to spend the day relaxing at the anchorage (well relaxing a bit whilst Adrian does some work) and set off early evening to cover the distance to Stockholm mostly overnight.

We can be in Finland by the end of the week, so to save time we’ve decided to push on to a town on the outskirts of Stockholm and travel into the city by train. Although it would be good to sail directly into the centre of the city, its quite a long and tedious route in, so not doing it will save at least half a day.

We rowed to shore, explored the deserted island near the anchorage and
set up a BBQ for an early supper before setting off at 1900.


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