Sunny Sweden

by Adrian on June 10, 2012

A very different day today, 69 miles with the sun shining.

We finally had a steady 13-18 knots of wind from behind, so we popped up our new cruising chute and made an average of 8 knots with the wind about 150° from the nose.

The chute worked great and was easy to handle. We took it down at 20 knots as we didn’t want to push it on our first use.


We were heading up a channel between the 70 mile long island of Öland and the mainland.


Our destination was the old harbour of Kalmar, which the pilot book informed us was definitely worth a visit due to its 15 century castle – now a world heritage site.

It was 1830 by the time we tied up, so we headed off for a running tour of the castle and were gobsmacked by the beauty of the place – it was like something from a cartoon, perfect turrets, manicured gardens and a perfectly kept graveyard. (sorry, we didn’t take pictures as didn’t take camera running – see here for someone else’s)


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