Grey Sweden

by Adrian on June 9, 2012

After a couple of days in Copenhagen the cabin fever was setting in again so it was good to get back to sea and on with the journey.

To make bit of distance we left Copenhagen around midday on another overnighter to Karlskrona on the south east tip of Sweden. This is the first of the Swedish archipelagos where the coastline changes to hundreds of small low lying rock outcrops and wooded islands.


Unfortunately the wind didn’t get the memo about our trip so we ended up motoring most of the way into moderate 9 knot winds coming directly from where we wanted to go. We sailed occasionally but the course was constrained by shipping channels and the coastline we needed to pass along.

The intention was to sail overnight and arrive midday the next day to find a nice anchorage, but by the time we arrived it was grey, cold and raining, so we piloted in through the narrow channels to a small holiday harbour called Dragso, where we moored up for a pleasant evening.

After 28 hours at sea, with 3 hour watches giving disturbed sleep we were all a bit tired and cold so welcomed the excellent facilities of free showers and sauna – the first time we’d encountered saunas this trip – welcome to Sweden.

Adrian and Jax cooked Fajitas, Sandra spent 2 hours washing and drying clothes in the free washing machine and tumble dryer and we even watched a bit of euro football onboard.

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