Kiel to Rodby (Denmark).

by Adrian on June 4, 2012

60 long sailing miles north away from Germany over to Denmark. Moderate sea, but very windy when leaving the harbour after struggling to find the fuel berth. German harbours don’t seem to advertise or make fuel readily accessible.

Note, the nearest fuel to the Kiel locks we could find was across the bay to the northern end of Laboe marina. 54°24.1N 10°13.1E

Quite a tricky and tight westerly facing alongside quay. The deck level stone quay has posts on its outside so you will need plenty of your own fenders. Plenty of depth, but difficult to get off in strong westerlies.

Steady force 6 all the way with the occasional squally clouds bringing gusts of 30+ knots. With the help of the radar we managed to avoid the worst of the squalls and winds (the digital radar shows rain clouds as blue masses) but we were changing sails and reefing quite often to make the most of the wind.

25 knots of wind from port aft quarter most of the way. Achieved 11.4 knts surfing down a wave. The wind instruments went crazy at one point and were showing 200knts of wind – fortunately those weren’t the real conditions and a reset made it all good again!

We arrived in Roburg in Denmark, moored up to a tiny thin finger pontoon and spent a comfortable night. The port is a primary ferry terminal and a bit deserted. Hot showers were very welcome, but apart from that, the place was desolate and a bit of a ghost town.

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Kat September 1, 2015 at 12:02

For info, there is an alternative to Laboe marina outside of Kiel. It is Strande Marina (54 26,6 N 10 10,4 E) opposite the bay from Laboe. We got this tip from a few Germans while in the marina at Rendsburg — it’s cheaper than Laboe, well-protected from wind and waves and is made for pleasure boats, so no problem tying up. They sell ice-cream and water, which was well-appreciated on the hot day we fuelled up.


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