Kiel Canal

by Adrian on May 30, 2012

We set off at 0900 from Cuxhaven towards the entrance locks to the Kiel Canal. On the way out of the marina we met a skipper of a German yacht called Uli who is the German representative for Allures (our boat manufacturer).

He was taking a brand new RM yacht through the canal to the Ancora boat show so wanted us to take some pictures of the yacht sailing, whilst he would take some of us. We sailed along much of the 15 mile route together with hopefully some decent pictures of us sailing to swap with the ones we took of him.

RM Yacht Sailing photo


Entering the canal was quite strait forward and quick, especially as we had Uli to follow. The canal is 60miles long, cutting through the german countryside connecting the North sea and the Baltic.

Entering the Kiel Canal

It was pretty amazing sharing such a relatively narrow channel with huge container ships as they swept by us restricted to a measly 8 knots (instead of the usual 20knots + they do out at sea).

Container vessel on Kiel Canal

The other strange thing was being on our boat motoring along through meadows, woods, fields and most strangely the smell of cow shit – definately wrong…

Procession of large ships on the Kiel Canal

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