Volendam Marina and meeting old friends

by Adrian on May 26, 2012

Our first night at anchor in Vagaris was peaceful and secure. It is nice to know the Spade anchor we sourced and insisted on fitting digs in and holds well.


It was Adrian’s birthday so we woke up in a quiet anchorage, had breakfast (nice fresh toasted Turkish bread) and decided to head into Volendam Marina to fill up with fuel and meet Bart, our Dutch friend who bought our first boat Vagari.

Fuel could only be paid in cash – important to remember, most of Europe only takes cash nowadays – so we raided Geoff’s cash in the safe and bought €250 worth to top up some of the fuel used so far.

It was lovely and sunny, so we moored up in our first Baltic box berth. It didn’t go too bad, except Geoff (who was on bow duty) didn’t think to tell me how far the deck level dock was away (i cant see the bow from the helm) so we gently rode up the pontoon with our tough metal bowsprit. Once I realised what was going on I went astern and sorted everything out. No damage done to the dock or us!


Bart wasn’t ready to go out for a sail as Vagari had only recently been taken out of winter storage, so we decided to stay the night and spent the day getting supplies, doing a few jobs doing some work and having a bit of a break. We met Bart, visited Vagari in her new home and then went out for a nice evening meal at a good Dutch restaurant.

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