by Adrian on May 26, 2012

After tidying the boat up after the long cold night sail, we relaxed during the day and later on joined the ranks of tourists and dutch cyclists on the free foot ferry across the canal to the centre.

We roamed around a bit, marvelled at the random architecture and found a sunny street cafe for a drink and a spot of dinner. The young waiter messed up a bit by spilling a glass of beer all over Sandra, but she didn’t seem to mind too much as no harm was done (a good job because they didn’t offer any recompense, which was a bit off).

Sixhaven Marina is superbly situated to access the city. It is 200m from a free ferry that crosses straight over to the main train station. The marina has free wifi near the office (which we could pick up and use from the boat thanks to our long range antenna). Facilities are good, with reasonable showers etc.

It does get very crowded, so it is advisable to arrive as early as possible (midday being recommended). You cannot reserve berths, so will be stacked pretty much anywhere upon entry. Fender up both sides and you won’t know where you’ll end up.

Note, one of the harbour masters is quite stroppy and was very inconsistent in his instructions and mooring plans. We were moored on the end on a finger pontoon (yes, literally moored alongside the meter wide end of a pontoon) so movement was tricky. Fortunately there is no current, so you have plenty of time for slow mooring.

I was called a ‘very bad man’ by this harbour master after I took too long (in his eyes) to cast off and move our boat back a couple of meters when he decided to squeeze a huge motor boat in front of us. I was briefing my novice crew and trying to organise lines when he decided to undo my line and cast me off anyway. Nothing gets me more angry than this, so we had a bit of an argument and he stormed off deriding my ability and threatening to eject me from the marina.

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