Brighton to Dover – 65 miles

by Adrian on May 22, 2012

This was meant to be a nice easy leg to start. The brisk Northeasterly winds gave us excellent sailing but were up and down most of the way so we were reefing, shaking reefs out and changing sail plans all the way.

Geoff (brother in law) felt a bit queasy so took some Stugeron and promptly zonked out down below dead to the world for about 6 hours. Sandra seemed fine, but without apparent warning projectile vomited all over Jax and the cockpit. Thats an image that will stick with me for a while! She (Sandra) felt fine after that. Jax didn’t.

Towards Dover the wind increased to 25 knots so we had a brisk sail to the end. Frustratingly the harbour master kept us outside the harbour circling for an hour whilst two cruise ships prepared to leave the dock and steamed out of the entrance-way. We arrived in blustery conditions (and a bumpy not-so-great docking manoeuvre by me) with just a skipper and 1 able crew at 1830.

Showers and a nice big meal and debrief at Cullins Yard (afaik the only decent food place in Dover) left us feeling much better, although very tired. (apart from Geoff who was full of life and wanted to go out partying)

There was a bit of discussion at dinner about who had to sit opposite Sandra….



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