This is actually a lorry

by Adrian on January 4, 2012

Funnily enough, this is not a car, it is in fact a lorry carrying freight.

(According to P&O at Dover)


It is a lorry because it has special stickers on the sides and back…

Only lorries are allowed to carry freight – cars can’t…

It’s is freight because it is a vehicle carrying dangerous goods

The dangerous goods have to be registered, checked and a special ‘transport of dangerous goods’ certificate has to be obtained and presented…

The item that is dangerous is a liferaft – and we all know liferafts are dangerous things to have on a boat…

… so, we’re travelling from Dover to France disguised as a lorry. I wonder if the French will notice us?

Bureaucracy is fantastic isn’t it!

Oh, I suppose the silver lining of jumping through all these hoops, having to cancel our ferry ticket and buy a more expensive ‘freight’ version is that we get free entry to the trucker’s café on board – joy…

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