Wednesday 12th October 2011 – anything special going on?

by Adrian on October 12, 2011

warning, this is a bit geeky….

wow, what a HUGE day for Apple – iOS 5, iCloud, OS x Lion updates to support iCloud, new iTunes, new Mac office suite (Pages, Numbers etc), new IOS versions of the same to allow seamless iCloud syncing, new iPhoto, new Aperture, a completely new iCloud based mail, calendar and contacts syncing system to rival Google mail AND a host of new apps on app store – oh yes, and a new iPhone!

Whatever you think of Apple, the scope of what they are doing today is unbelievable from a technology point of view. They’ve updated ALL their OS’s and major software AND introduced a new cloud service to bind it all together in one day!  Their new data-centres must be fizzing! I’m having to download about 2gb of updates myself – imagine the load from the millions of users worldwide!
If they pull it off it should go down as one the biggest and boldest technology update ever.

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