The first day of the rest of our lives

by Adrian on April 12, 2011

Jax and I went to Cherbourg a couple of weeks ago and did a very bad thing…


We sailed it, we tested it, it felt right and we loved it, so with a bit of negotiating we placed an order for a new Allures 45 yacht!


We’ve been looking at this type of boat for a long while. It is a French built aluminium cruiser specifically designed for long term cruising to far off destinations. It is strong, robust and big enough to give us space to live comfortably with all necessary equipment for long periods away from home – such as a watermaker, washing machine, decent shower, huge amounts of storage, large fuel tanks, fridge freezer etc.

A hull being built in the factory:

It’s going to be an amazing boat and a huge project – one we’re both looking forward to very much. We’ve decided to go the whole hog and get a new boat built for us as this is going to be our home and living platform for the next 10 or so years, so we want it to be exactly right for our needs. It is expensive, and will take all our savings and house money as well as requiring us to rent and eventually sell our Brighton house to cover it – but we both want this to be our thing.

The boat has a number of special features that make it a real expedition yacht. It is solidly built out of aluminium so is tough, durable and less likely to suffer damage if hit by submerged objects whilst at sea or when in rough commercial ports. It has a lifting keel, so can take the ground and dry out when the tide goes out. This also allows us to reduce its draft to just 1m, which will allow us far more to explore rivers, remote anchorages and small ports. We could for instance, anchor on sandbanks and beach the boat when the tide recedes for maintenance, safety and ultimate privacy.

For us, the start the start of a big journey – one that begins with us tracking and managing the currency markets to get the most €s for our £s, involves us renting out our Brighton house long term, selling superfluous possessions and moving and working from our Spanish house for the rest of this year to save money whilst the boat is built. We’ll then move onto the boat and use it as our home.

All achievable, but a bit scary and a big step. At least we’ve got our goal defined now and have a plan to work towards. We intend to be in and around the UK for the next couple of years for work and to allow us to see and experience the Olympics. Before heading off around the world we want to sail up to the Baltic to see Wesley, perhaps sail to Norway, and generally see more of northern Europe before we leave long term.

The boat will be ready next March – deliberately long as we don’t need/want it during the winter and hopefully it’ll give sterling time to recover a bit so it costs us a bit less.

We’ve focussed on a number of key boat options to keep initial build costs reasonable whilst still giving us a platform into which I can install extras over the next couple of years as and when we need them – such as the generator, washing machine, watermaker, heating etc.

Allures at sea

Drying out


It’s a great boat, and one that’ll take us a long way on many fantastic adventures. My mind is now racing with build details, project management and 1001 details to ensure we get the most out of the whole experience.

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