Delivery trip from Sweden to Southampton

by Adrian on April 20, 2011

I’m just heading west up the English Channel on day 8 of my delivery from Sweden to the Uk.

It’s been a long passage and an interesting experience into the life of a time-pressured delivery skipper. We’ve spent about 5 hours in the last 8 days on dry land. Fuel stops have been of the ‘splash and dash’ variety and we’ve been at sea almost continuously.

Fortunately (and amazingly) the weather has been very benign and we’ve had calm winds, flat seas and a dull but non-challenging motor sail pretty much most of the way.

We’ve passed through Sweden, down the Danish west coast, along the German Bight, down the Dutch coast and across the north sea’s shipping channels to Dover and the south coast.

The sea at the Halberg Rassy factory where we picked up the boat was frozen just 3 weeks ago, so it was still pretty cold when we set off. Whilst Britain has bathed in sun and early spring warn weather we’ve been shivering on cold night watches and charging through thick sea fog.

Delivering boats for a delivery company is a very different experience to private deliveries and everyday cruising. The timescales are fixed, plans are far less dependant on the weather and you’re on an unfamiliar boat without all your usual equipment with unknown crew. Quite challenging, but not impossible. Whilst it hasn’t been particularly challenging sailing wise, this trip has been an interesting learning experience, and good fun.

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