Visits and goodbye

by Adrian on November 19, 2010

Since we were just 5 miles away from my nephew Sullivan, we dropped in on him and ZaZa for the evening and caught up with them for the evening. With flights booked for the following night, we spent the next day being tourists in Amsterdam. I visited a Superyacht and trade marine electronics show that happenned to be on at the time (!) whilst Jacqui did a bit of shopping around the city.

We met up with Bart (Vagari’s new owner) for one last time then returned to Vagari to collect our bags and head off to the airport.

We were sad to say goodbye, we’ve had nothing but fantastic times aboard and we’ve both looked after each other well. Fortunately we couldn’t have found a nicer new owner who we’re sure will look after her and enjoy her just as we have.

The sea freezes in the winter in Holland, so she’s gone to a slightly colder place that’ll be very different to the Med, but we wish her all the best with her new family.

The final picture:
Vagari's final picture

As Jacqui surmised, it feels like breaking up with a partner – you feel sad, but know you’re doing the right thing, you know you’ve had a good run, you know it’ll be fine in the end and that breaking up is for the best. You also know that new adventures and new opportunities lie just around the corner.

We know we will get another boat to continue our adventures soon…

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