Biscay Route

by Adrian on September 19, 2010

We reached Bayona today after a rather unpleasant 120 miles and 20 hours bashing into a Northerly wind and swell. I suppose we’ve been lucky in that the whole of the Portuguese coast wasn’t like this. These conditions are pretty tiring and stressful on both us and the boat, with continual bouncing off the top of waves and bashing into the next one with huge thumps. It’s hard being down below for any period of time because of the violent movements, so it is very easy to feel queasy quite quickly.

Sleep in the forward cabin was also impossible as we’d be continually bounced up and down off the ceiling, so we slept in the port aft cabin – which although a bit more comfortable was noisy because of the engine.

We’ve refuelled, have 92 litres spare in jerry cans, which gives us a range of approximately 520 Nm. We’re setting off tomorrow morning at 9am. The weather looks fair all the way. It might actually be calm for much of the route, hence the fuel. Hopefully we’ll get a bit of wind so we can sail most of it. Fingers crossed things don’t change too much though.

This is our route across Biscay to Plymouth exported from the iPad Navionics chart plotter application we use for route planning. Pretty basic really – around the corner and then up to Plymouth! 550 Miles. Estimated time 4.5 days. Hopefully arrive Thursday night/Friday morning.

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