Rude awakening

by Adrian on September 15, 2010

Last night a 12v boat battery nearly killed us in the middle of the night…

We were woken up by the carbon monoxide alarm going off in the early hours.

The saloon was full of fumes and although no fire could be found (thankfully) the area in the aft port cabin that houses the 12v batteries was very warm.

It turns out one of the original house batteries had gone wrong and was leaking sulphuric acid and carbon monoxide fumes and generally boiling itself to death.

The battery had been charging as normal on the shore power, so I’m not really sure why it should have failed.

I quickly vented the area, disconnected it and removed it from the boat.

Fortunately, no damage was done to either ourselves or the boat – just a €200 dent to the bank balance for a new (and much better quality) sealed marine unit.

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