Where’s the wind gone??

by Adrian on September 7, 2010

So strange…

We set sail early this morning from our anchorage on the north coast of Menorca.

The winds have matched the forecast of S – SW F5-6 before coming around to the north so it has been a pretty lively but great sail on a beam and fine reach for the past 50 miles.

The sea has been moderate and quite choppy – so we’ve been wet a few times but have been making a cracking pace averaging 7-7.5 knts with 2 reefs all round.

With about 20 miles to our destination along the north coast of Majorca in 22-28 knot gusty winds the wind has just died, completely.

I’ve never experienced such a sudden change. From 26knts to 3knts in the space of 100m – very disconcerting – as if someone just switched the wind off!

We thought it may be the mountains so have been waiting for it to suddenly pick up again – but nothing so far…

All looks calm, so we’re motoring.

… Postscript… It was a wind shadow caused by the mountains. It lasted about 2 hours and then the wind returned suddenly back to 25 knts!

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