by Adrian on September 7, 2010

After leaving Mahon we sailed up and around the North East side of the island to find an anchorage that would give us shelter from the southerly winds.

We had two strange incidents we’ve never had before – a wrap on the genoa furling line whilst sailing downwind – which I manage to clear without too much of a problem and the mainsail suddenly falling down!

The mainsail drop was cause by the halyard snap shackle (the metal device that connects the rope to the top of the sail to allow hoisting) suddenly coming undone.

These are usually very reliable and robust, so either it wasn’t closed fully or somehow opened – a bit worrying.

The conditions were a brisk Southerly force 5-6, so we continued on genoa alone without any further problems and after about 40 miles anchored in a fantastic sheltered bay called “Cala de Algayerens” bordered by huge red cliffs.

Before the traditional sundowner, Jax hauled me up the mast to retrieve the main halyard. It looked fine and seems to work perfectly, so must have been a freak fault or not attached correctly.

A quick on-board BBQ, a couple of episodes of Lost, tomorrows route planning and off to bed.

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