Cough and a splutter

by Adrian on September 2, 2010

Changed fuel and air filters this morning prior to motoring and the trip ahead.

Set off around 1300 for Sardinia. 130 miles @ 6 knots – just over 20 hrs. Anchoring in Madelena nature reserve tomorrow night.

All was going well until we cleared marina and engine died! Ok, genoa out in the bit of wind we had so we’re safe and moving away from the coast.

Down to engine – all looks ok except won’t run under load. Bleed the filters and fuel system again – all the same. Eventually traced back to badly seated O ring on the primary fuel filter changed earlier. My mistake, will know next time. Middle injector also had airlock and contaminates, so eventually figured that out and all running sweetly again.

Late lunch. A bit of wind so able to sail for a couple of hours then back to the engine as wind dies to 6 knots.

Chug chug westwards…

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