Greece again

by Adrian on June 5, 2009

Bit of a random catchup blog – we never did make it across the pond for the med Caribbean season – financial crisis hit us as our house sale fell through (we’d exchanged, had the deposit etc but the guy didn’t complete) – currently suing him for £80k. With all money tied up in the house and two mortgages we hunkered down have been working back in the UK for the past few months before the Med charter season starts.

I did get a job as IT officer on Le Grand Bleu (113m ex Abramovich superyacht) but the day I was due to leave the job was cancelled because of finances and change of ship plans!

We’ve just been in Greece for the past few weeks on Vagari – having a very nice time cruising around the Ionian and getting some sun and relaxing before the guests arrive. We’re moored up in Preveza, which is just south of Corfu on the mainland. Nice and cheap and facilities fine. (€300/mth in water €200 out). We spent a lot of time working out here the end of last year so know the area pretty well.

We’re actually quite enjoying Greece – its so different to Croatia, very relaxed and no one hassles you for mooring or anchoring fees. Had to pay once in the whole 3 ½ weeks we’ve been here. Usual job of dodging flotillas and other charter boats, but that comes with the territory. Cruising area is so nice, loads of lovely anchorages, nice little ports, a scattering of marinas for the larger forays back to civilisation…

As expected, it seems far more pricey now though with food and euro rate. It seems people have pushed prices up recently. Even in Greece, eating out just doesn’t feel cheap – €20 to €30 per person is pretty much like England!


Have spent some lovely times in secluded anchorages and small quaint fishing ports. Returning back to UK soon, but back again shortly.


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