Welcome to Greece

by Adrian on July 30, 2008

We've just this minute arrived in Corfu, Greece. We've just covered 199 miles in 33 hours. Not bad going. Unfortunately light winds meant we had to motor all the way, but at least it was calm and uneventful.

Time to relax this afternoon and sort out paperwork before slowly packing the boat up over the next few days. We've decided to leave the boat in the water for a month whilst we're away on charter, then since we'll most likely be back here at the end of August we'll arrange to take it out for the winter then. That way we can relax a bit now and have an explore.

Some stats:

We returned back ton the boat on April 20th in Sicily

since then, we've been to Malta, Italy, Croatia and now Greece.

We've travelled just under 2000 miles.

We've used about 617 litres (137 gallons) of fuel and travelled 241 hrs on the engine.

Fuel consumption: 2.5 litres / hr (approx 12mpg)

Approximately 40% of the time we've been motoring (thats the med winds for you!)

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