Thats enough of Croatia

by Adrian on July 27, 2008

Big news

We’ve just turned around and started heading south as we’ve just accepted our first professional sailing positions.

I was called up yesterday by an owner who had received our CVs from UKSA’s careers department. He needed replacement crew to work with him and his wife running a large 82’ (25m) Baltic Maxi sailing yacht for the rest of the med season.

The boat is based out of Corfu in Greece and has at least two charters booked in for the next couple of months. The first starts on August 10th in Santorini in the Greek islands, the other in September from Cannes in the South of France.

He liked the look of our CVs as he was looking for a slightly older and experienced crew couple familiar with med sailing. Our experience running and sailing our own boat was another major attraction. The boat is huge and an ex-round the world racing boat converted for luxurious charter. The owner and his wife work on the boat and need a First mate/Engineer and interior/deckie to make a crew of 4. The owner is the skipper with 12+ years experience in the industry and his wife is a professional chef who does the cooking for charter guests. I’ll be responsible for keeping the boat spic and span and be the skipper’s right hand man whilst Jax will be responsible for guests when on charter and cooking when not, as well as helping sail the boat.

Since Corfu is one of the places we were thinking of taking Vagari to for the winter, it all works out quite well, so`we’re heading down there now (500 miles away to the south). We plan to arrive on Wednesday which gives us a couple of days claning and winterising before getting a plane to the boat in Santorini next weekend. We’d just finished touring all of the Croatian islands and were just thinking about heading over to Venice before working our way south again for the end of the season, so this comes at a good time.

It does mean we won’t be home for a couple more months, but it’ll be great experience for both of us as it’s a vastly different yacht to the ones we’re used to and will stand us in good stead for all kinds of opportunities later, and is a great first step on the ladder. Theres even a remote possibility of an Atlantic crossing and charter in the Caribbean this winter, which would be fantastic.

So, lots to organise, get to Corfu, prepare our boat for being hauled out for the winter, get to Greece, sort out the Brighton house for rental, sort out cars, sort out Greenlands…

Yacht Midnight Sun…


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