To Krk

by Adrian on July 21, 2008

In two minds today whether to continue north or shay sheltered at anchor. Weather reports were mixed with the possibility of high winds.

After much deliberation we decided to push on 20 miles to the island of Krk. We had a couple of alternative destinations in case we needed a backup, so we headed off and motored into the light winds.  

The winds grew… and grew… until we were sailing in choppy seas under two reefs in 25 gusting 35 knots. It was quite difficult as the wind was whipping down the steep mountain faces and stirring up the sea in all kinds of directions. When we reached Krk the land didn’t really give us any shelter and just funnelled the wind down onto us.

Ended up quite wet as waves and spray hit the boat and soaked us and the deck.

We opted for the harbour as the place to moor up, and after an interesting stern to mooring in 25 knots of wind where Jax manfully held on to the lazy line despite 25 knots pushing against the side of the 8½ tonnes of boat, to straighten us up and stop us being blown onto other boats, we settled down and finally relaxed.

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