Onwards and northwards

by Adrian on July 17, 2008

We left Zadar yesterday after Adrian getting his last job done – a haircut. Not too brutal, but a bit short and Croatian miliatary.

Fortunately the Velebetski Kanal wasn't too fierce so after a spirited sail upwind in 15-20 knots for 5 hours we anchored and spent the night in a small anchorage 30 miles north on a little island called Molat.

We're starting to reach the northern end of Croatia with one large set of islands to go before the coast comes west and we reach an area called Istra. Due to its proximity to Italy and a lot of Italian occupation over the years it apparently has a distinct Italian feel.

We aim to meet up with a friend of Jax's who is working on a superyacht in and around Rijeka – shes at home on leave this coming weekend so we'll probably mooch around these islands for the week then head in to the city for Monday.

After that depends a bit on the house sale situation back home, which looks like its going to fall through again.  We'll probably head up to the Venice area to visit whilst we're close – since the adriatic is a bit of a huge cul-de-sac.

We still haven't decided where to leave Vagari for the winter, it won't be Croatia as it is too expensive so we may just sail all the way back down south to Crete in Greece or back to Malta where its cheap.


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