Skype old friends

by Adrian on July 17, 2008

Whilst in the marina we also took advantage of the wireless internet and bought access for the day (£15 as I couldn't hack any free ones for a change).

Last night after returning from the cinema we noticed Amanda on skype. We haven't talked for ages so it was great to catch up.

Amanda is the girl who came across to Portugal with us on the boat a couple of years ago and became Jax's drinking buddy. She now lives in Brekenridge in the US with her soon to be husband and even sooner to be baby.

She's due in 2 weeks and via the webcam showed us her tidy bump. Good luck. 

It was great to get in touch and hear all about her new life and forthcoming baby. Even Amanda has settled down and had kids. She's literally the 8th or 9th of our friends that has had a baby in the last 6 months!

Meanwhile we're still travelling… 

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