Cocktail Hour

by Adrian on July 11, 2008

At a nice anchorage this evening in the Kornati Islands. Very remote, just us and a few other boats. Single restaurant and bar on shore with a few motor boats moored up obviously enjoying being ripped off for some expensive grilled Croatian food and wine.


It’s sundowner time so Jax decides to make cocktails from a recipe she’s found for Rum Punch. Major ingredient is sugar syrup, so she spends ages simmering and reducing the sugar to the correct consistency. Meanwhile I’m on deck sorting out some chafe protectors for the lines we have ashore and come in to help. I’m told to get a few things ready for the punch but to wash my hands first. This I did, in the galley sink as usual, unbeknownst to me that the saucepan half submerged in the water isn’t actually waiting to be washed up (as one would assume) but is actually cooling the aforementioned sugar syrup. So wash I do. Only after a few seconds does Jax realise that I’d washed my hands into the saucepan.

I thought it’d be ok, but for some reason Jax didn’t want to use the slightly watery solution for the cocktails and didn’t want to spend another ½ hour making it again – so we had to go and have a little drink at the beach bar instead!


Must be a moral there somewhere…


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