Visit to Alberobello

by Adrian on June 4, 2008

Woke up to drips of rain coming through the hatch at about 6.30, raindrops which were shortly followed by claps of thunder and much heavier rain. Relief that we weren't sailing today. Don't know what the 100 boats preparing to set off to Corfu in the regatta thought about it…We had planned to take the day off and do some sightseeing, and it was hardly ideal weather for that either, but we had booked and paid for a hire car for the day so we were going ahead. We had to pick the car up from the airport which was just next to the marina, so with little sign of the rain letting up we set off on our bikes…and the rain didn't let up…and we went the wrong way around the airport so we had to cycle around 3 sides of the runway in the pouring rain instead of just one…in a total downpour…and a car drove through a huge puddle right by Jacqui to finish off the job and make sure she was thoroughly soaked. It made Adrian laugh though, which was nice.

Kathie and Roger from Amazon joined us in our little Punto and we drove up the flatlands of the coast for about 30 miles before turning inland towards Alberobello a quaint little town famous for its 'trulli'. Trulli are small one-room dwellings with a sloping conical roof. If more space is required they didn't build a bigger trulli they built another one, so there are many of these little buildings clustered up and down the streets of the town about 1400 of them in all.

Some of them do have a sort of wooden mezzanine floor where the children would sleep (as they were the only ones thin enough and light enough!) Some of them have Christian or Pagan symbols painted on the roofs which add to their charm.

There seem to be various reasons for building them in such a fashion – ranging from the sensible – the thick walls and lack of windows keep the house very cool in summer and warm in winter, to the more incredible, that they were only temporary buildings and easy to take apart if the authorities turned up to collect taxes.

The effect of such a large number of these unique buildings is a warren-like town looking like something from Hobbiton. Lots of tourist tat in the shops though – some of it very bizarre…

A very pleasant day with a long lunch and interesting walk and explore around the town. Supermarket visit on the way back to make the most of the car.

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