North into the Adriatic to Otranto

by Adrian on June 2, 2008

Another day another Sea. Left St Maria and the Ionian Sea and headed north into the Adriatic and some reasonable winds. Only problem was that as usual they were coming directly from the direction we wanted to go, so we ended up tacking our way up the coastline. After a while the wind died completely so we ended up motoring again. Took 5½ hours to do a 30 mile trip.

Arrived at Otranto early evening. Ate on board but then went out to explore. Pleasantly surprised by the town – usual castle walls, but this time with lots of interesting shops, bars and restaurants. Quite touristy with lots of shoe shops (which Jax liked and helped support). Ended up having a cocktail in a bar set on the castle wall overlooking harbour. Very nice. Was temped by an irresistible slice of pizza on the way home from a hectic bustling local pizza bar where pizza was being consumed faster than it could be made 

The great thing it that it is lovely and warm – even in the evening, which makes such a change from having to worry too much about what layers to wear etc.


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