South from Gallipoli to the heel

by Adrian on June 1, 2008

Spent last night in Gallipoli. A typically quaint historic town with plenty of plazas, narrow streets and castle walls. Disappointingly we weren’t able to get in any museum or historic place of interest as they all seemed closed for renovation.

I had hoped to see some of the town's history, but there was little evidence of anything to see. Instead we went for a wander (with jax still limping around due to her swollen ankle and knee) and had some food and a coffee.

We had to leave the marina early as the berths were needed for someone else (the owners I presume) so we cast off at 1230 and are sailing a short hop south to the tip of the heel of Italy. Since we haven’t time today (without a big overnight sail or entering an unfamiliar port at night – not to be done if one can help it) to go all the way around to start heading north up the east coast and we’ll stay overnight at St Maria de Leuca – arriving around 1800ish.

Next step will be a quick  ½ day sail up the coast to otranto, where we’ll have a day off and try getting the train inland a bit to see the town of Lecce (which Jax has read is very Byzantine and worth a visit)

We are currently sailing under our big red twizzle sail nicely downwind. Actually the wind is 60 degress astern on the port side, but the sail is handling it fine. Its also blowing 18 knots, but since we’re going downwind it’s lovely and smooth.

Amazon is still with us. It’s great to have some friends to sail with, and has really made this bit of the trip enjoyable – having someone to pace yourself by, help with mooring and chat too in port is fantastic, and makes a change from everything being unfamiliar.


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