Sunday sail

by Adrian on June 10, 2007

A lazy morning where Adrian and Tony went ashore to explore and found supplies from a small market whilst Jax slept. Swimming and snorkling in the amazing clear azure blue waters. The water quality around these islands has been fantastic, you can see clearly the bottom from the boat even in 5m of water.

Eventually hauled anchor and headed north around to another small anchorage near Porto Azzuro. Weather still calm so no problem anchoring wherever we liked. We deliberately chose a deserted bay so that we could load up the dingy and head off to the beach for a bbq. When we arrived, there were 7 or 8 other boats, but by the eveneing they'd all buggered off to their home marinas and we were left on our own to the peace and quiet. Great bbq – big red snapper for Jax and couple of large juicy steaks for Adrian and Tony.


More snorking and diving. Tony had fun getting to grips with dingy controls, lots of circling and weaving around for a bit – quite funny.

Back in Bonnifacio, Adrian bought a small scuba tank for short dives – mainly as an emergency device in case we ever get caught up in fishing nets or lines, so we can go over the side and cut ourselves out. We've met loads of other boats that have run into nets and ropes and been disabled requiring a tow or rescue. Its a bit scary, so despite having a rope cutter attached to the prop, the scuba tank would let us do something about it. Sod's law says things like this will happen at the worst time, so we're being prepared.

Adrian tested the tank today and spent 10 minutes under the boat investigating the afforementioned rope cutter which we'd noticed a couple of weks back didn't seem to be turning correctly. Worryingly, it wasn't working and of even more concern was the fact that there was 5mm fore/aft play in the prop and hub mechanism. This didn't look right, so would need some thinking about.

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