Bonifacio and around

by Adrian on June 7, 2007

We decided to spend the night in Bonifacio with Tony before heading off to give him time to enjoy the place and us all to get sorted ready for the next leg.

Went out for cocktails at the nearest bar – 20m away at the end of the pontoon – very handy and great for Jax. Bit of excitement – one of the super yachts we'd seen a week ago came into port so we all stood around like dazed tourists gawping at the amazing beauty of the 150ft (46m) lines of the multi multi million ££ 'Pink Gin'. It's mooring up procedure was perfect, with immaculate crew and faultless boat control. Amazing little touches from the crew were the almost ceremonious presentation of a Pink Gin cap and T shirt to the marinaro who helped them moor and the perfect Pink Gin doormat placed on the ponton at the end of the pasarelle (extending gang-plank at the rear).


Followed it up by a nice meal at one of the quayside restaurants. Good evening and good start to Tony's trip.

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