Welcome to Bonifacio

by Adrian on June 6, 2007

Today we set off from the Madellena Islands across the Bonifacio strait to Bonifacio, where we are due to meet Tony tomorrow. The islands have been very nice but due to the slightly poor weather we haven't really experienced them at their best. Strangely, the weather in this region seems reasonably unsettled due to the funelling effect of the wind between Corsica and Sardinia. We've experienced a large variety of conditions whilst here – from rough seas, driving rain to lovely sunshine.

Bonifacio is a spectacular place, and one we're very lucky to have added to our itinerary. The town itself is built on top of a large finger of land on the outer side of a long inlet. It is surrounded on three sides by sheer 150m cliffs to the sea and over the centuries has become massively fortified with huge castle walls, steep entrance ways, drawbridges and guard towers. The old town is straight out of medievel times with a maze of narrow cobbled streets lined with tall terraced buildings sprouting food shops, restaurants, bars and houses of all descriptions.

The port is down the hill from the old town and is bustling with restaurants, bars and tourist shops in a french riveiera style.

When we sailed along the inlet into the port we passed the huge fortifications and moored up at a pontoon to the sound of French accordian music and the hussle and busstle of French lunchtime. After two nights at anchor it was like reaching civilisation – especially with the promise of French bread, croisants and pastries for the morning.

Unlike the Sardinian marinas we've experienced so far, Bonifacio had showers and toilets, which although promissing, turned out to be a bit smelly and strangely open to the public, which meant they were busy with the constant stream of bus loads of incontinent tourists .

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