by Adrian on April 11, 2007

We’ve been in Alghero in North West Sardinia for two days now and plan to head off tomorrow morning to continue our journey south where we intend to leave the boat before heading home for a bit.

From our initial impressions, Sardinia is an interesting place. The people seem friendly and quite laid back and the countryside is beautiful. The marina we are in isn’t as much a marina, but a single pontoon run by one chap (Freddy – Frederico). He’s really nice and helpful, speaks good English and is impressed with Jax’s knowledge of Italian. It’s a bit strange finally being in a country where Jax doesn’t speak the language perfectly – she’s learning new words all the time, whilst I stumble along still saying ‘hola’ and ‘gracias’ automatically to people.  


When we arrived the other day we were a few hours ahead of schedule due to the smooth passage, so we diverted off to a large bay with a number of quiet anchorages called Porte Conte. It was extremely peaceful and once anchored we both crashed out for a few hours much needed sleep after our second night of 2 hours on, 2 hours off watches.

Being Easter Monday, we were left to our own devices to find a berth. Fortunately we asked someone from another boat and were directed to the one berth out of the three that were free that wasn’t subsequently filled by their owners returning from a day sail a few hours later. We had a chuckle to ourselves when only half an hour after arriving whilst we were cleaning the decks, Frederico came over and on behalf of a couple of Italian guys who were admiring and chatting about Vagari on the pontoon, asked us how many horse power the engine was. We’d only been in Italy ½ hour and already the power of our engine was noted and mocked. (It has a 30Hp engine, whilst the Italian’s had 80Hp!)

The last couple of days has been spent getting provisions, doing a few jobs and exploring the town. It has been great having the bikes, which really make a difference to mobility – being able to whizz around without every trip to the supermarket being a long walk a such a chore.

I went up to the top of the mast yesterday to change the anchor light bulb to a low power LED one. Unfortunately once I’d taken the cover off I found I had the wrong bulb. Damn. Oh well, it was an interesting view, allowed me to check out the rigging and a few masthead fittings and gave Jacqui’s arms a good work out with all that winching.

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