Barcelona to Sardinia

by Adrian on April 7, 2007

Today we finally set off to Sardinia from our winter home just north of Barcelona. The weather is overcast, grey and a touch chilly. Since we arrivesd on tuesday we've been sitting it out waiting for the rain and high winds to stop before setting out.

The wind and rain has finally died down but now theres no wind at all and it looks as is we're going to have a very smooth trip, motorsailing probably al the way – which is a bit of a shame. Typically, the 4knts there is is coming straight from the east, dead on our nose.

The trip to Sardinia is about 270nm, which will take about 48hrs, so its quite a long one with 2 night sails. We're about 2nm off the coast and should just keep our heading of 100 degrees for the whole trip, until we end up in Alghero on the western Sard coast. All going well, we should be there at midday on easter Monday.

The first night we were in Barcelona it was a bit dull and dismal so we said bugger it and rode the bikes into thew city to do a bit of shopping, eat some tapas and have a few drinks. Not surprisingly it started to pouir down at around 10pm so we enjoyed a very wet trip back to the boat.

Its strange to see Barcelona fading into the distance after being here for almost 8 months. Anyway, the boat is well – we took her out for a test sail yesterday during which Jax felt a bit seasick, which is unusual. Everything was fine, a few things needed cleaning and repairing, but hopefully all done now.

Queasy Jax!

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